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for the healthcare plan. elizabeth prann is live in washington. good morning. >> kathleen sebelius will likely face tough and honest questioning facing a house committee hearing today. while the house ahealth and humn secretary says there are problems with the web site she is working hard to fix them but the glitches continue. healthcare.gov suffered another outage last night. they want more answers. the commerce committee he among others wants to see changes in leadership. >> i hope we hear from tomorrow a resignation. i heard theirs is extraordinary level of government even by extraordinary standards. >> they have resignation demands by dozens of republican law americas in a statement in prepared testimony ahead of the hearing accept bell why yo sebe not lived up to the expectation of the american people and is not ak acceptedable. we are committed to ficcing the problems as soon as possible. owe b we will hear updates on the aggressive work being done to improve the federal layout. patti ann, ainsley, back to you. >> thank you so much. elizabeth prann live for us in washington this morning. >>>
. americans may not be able to keep their healthcare plans under the obama care. they have known this since 2010. kelly wright joins us now from washington with more on the huge blow to americans. >> good morning to you. the affordable care act continues to prove problematic. the president always promised if you already had health insurance you could keep your plan no matter what. now it turns out it is a promise that can be broken and likely will. there are some existing healthcare plans that people do have that don't qualify for obama care. they are pushing legislation to help consumers keep their current plan. it is causing critics to lash out at the president after lengthening the enrollment period to avoid 6 weeks to avoid fines. >> this is a law the president continues to revisit the law, he continues to make changes. this is a time to give every american an opportunity to delay it a year. >> the president still saying wd to sign up for it. >> you lack at the number of young people who want health insurance who are having trouble affording it. secretary kathleen seb beal why yous will
. >> the president changing his tune during a speech in boston. remember when he said if you like your healthcare plan you get to keep it? that might be true but now he says only if he's good enough for obama care. >> if you have one of the substandard plans before the affordable care act became law and you really liked that plan you are able to keep it. that is what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. ever since the law passed if insurance decided to downgrade or cancel the substandard plans what we said is we have to replace them with quality comprehensive coverage. that, too, was the central premise of the affordable care act. >> president obama is fighting for obama care from recent ground. his approval rating dropped to an all time low of 42 percent according to the new nbc news wall street journal pole. 51 percent disapprove of his job performance. >> celebration in boston. >> it wasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. the red sox world champions. >> the red sox win their third world series since 2004 and their first at home since 1918. the champ
for healthcare coverage on-line. it is linked by a data hub marked by verizon. this as kathleen seb beal why yous tak-- sebelius talks. >> we want her to talk to us before she leaves office. >> we are talking about kathleen sebelius, she was last night the laughing stock of america. sho she is lost credibility. >> did president obama know his own five were bugging world leaders including angela merkel? a new report says no. they say the nsa ended the program after a white house review. a german source sites an nsa source that claims the president did know everything as far back as 2010 and gave the go ahead to boost surveillance. they reacted with this statement general alexander did not discuss with owe bambina -- ob? 2010 nor has he ever discussed operations involving chancellor mirac merkel. >> the island for immigrants will once again see visitors again. ellis island was closed for almost a year because of super storm sandy. more than 1 million photographs remain in storage while buildings are being fixed and upgraded. >> super storm sandy does not play favorites destroying everything from n
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4